Mitoyotsuru TOJI

A place for people to “brew” together

A place for people
to “brew” together


Mitoyotsuru was a brewery in Mitoyo, Kagawa Prefecture from 1877 to 2005. The quarters where sake brewers used to stay while they worked has been renovated as Mitoyotsuru Toji, a guesthouse that embodies the spirit of toji, or master sake brewers. The entire Mitoyotsuru Toji building is available for guests to rent out and experience the magic of Japanese sake firsthand with an overnight stay.

Grand Brewing Bath

Grand Brewing Bath
This private bath acts as a living room
where many people can gather to socialize, relax, and “brew” together.

Brewery Sauna

Brewery Sauna
Guests won’t be able to resist
spending time in the sauna,
located in the grand brewing
bath area.
sauna ikitai

Local Sake Tasting

Local Sake Tasting
Compare four types of carefully-selected, seasonal local sake and relish
the world view of a historic former sake brewery.


The courtyard is illuminated brightly with its skylight roof,
making barbecues and outdoor meals possible even on rainy days.

Living Room

Living Room
The living room is designed to be comfortable space
that would even satisfy tired master sake brewers in need of a break.

Masu Room Sake Barrel Room

Masu Room
Sake Barrel Room
Right next to the Masu Room,
guests can connect these two bedrooms together.


This is a quaint cooking area
where guests can do simple cooking and food preparation,
equipped with a sink, countertop, kitchen knifes, and stove.

Grand Brewing Bath

This private bath acts as a living room
where large groups can gather
to socialize, relax, and “brew” together.

  • Cauldron

    The cauldron was used in
    sake brewing for steaming
    rice and as a barrel.
    Bath salts made from
    sake lees are included.

  • Brewery Sauna

    with free-to-use

    Brewery Sauna
  • Water Bath

    This bath uses
    brewing water.

    Water Bath
sauna ikitai

Enjoy “brewing” yourself

The large bath area gives you a firsthand
look at the process of turning rice into sake.
Together with your loved ones,
relax and take a break
from the worries of every day,
and polish yourself like a grain
of rice with a bath.

  • 1 Polishing

    Remove your clothing.

  • 2 Washing and Soaking

    Clean your body.

  • 3 Steaming

    Enter the bath.

  • 4 Fermenting

    Put in bath salts.

  • 5 Make Yeast Starter

    Mix in the bath salts.

  • 6 Unrefined Brew

    Soak in the hot bath water.

  • 7 Refine

    Alternate between getting in the sauna
    and cooling down in the water bath.

  • 8 Firing Process

    Relish conversation, a drink,
    and making lasting memories.

  • 9 Preservation

    “Cure” yourself and take a nap.

Enjoy “brewing” yourself
with others

We hope that refining yourself like a grain of rice
with your friends and family at the baths
and sauna creates many special memories.

  • A private bath area that many people can enjoy
    A private bath area that many people can enjoy
    This is a special space designed for groups who can’t often gather together, allowing them to share meals, baths, and spend relaxing moments together. It’s a place where families with small children, who may find it difficult to visit public baths, can enjoy long-awaited family time. It’s a place for close friends to get together and share a close atmosphere. We’ve created this space to help large groups to unwind and open up.
  • Private Brewery Sauna to Relish Conversation How to Use the Sauna
    Private Brewery Sauna to Relish Conversation
    The private sauna in the grand bath area provides a more relaxed and finely tuned experience. In the sauna guests can enjoy themselves and the company of others while taking in the fresh air. We highly encourage guests to try out the sauna and savor the peace and relaxation that comes with using it.
  • Savor at the Sake Brewery: Japanese Sake Server
    Savor at the Sake Brewery: Japanese Sake Server
    Guests can savor seasonal local sake selections at the sake brewery. Selections are made in collaboration with local sake breweries and liquor stores in Kagawa Prefecture, and are carefully chosen regional sake for you to enjoy.


Basic Plan

29,700 yen/2 or more persons

  • *Accommodation fees vary depending on the day of the week and season.
    Please check the reservation site for details.
Floor Map

Lodging Info

  • Check In and Check Out

    Check in: 16:00 and later
    Check out: By 10:00

  • Guest Capacity

    Up to 11 guests

  • Parking

    Up to six spaces available
    (on property)

Mitoyotsuru Toji Souvenirs


  • Basic Equipment

    洗面道具 歯ブラシセット/髭剃り/ボデーウォッシュタオル/クシ/シャンプー/リンス、ボディソープ



    ドライヤー/24cmなべ/24cmフライパン/30cmフライパン/ざる各種/トング×3/料理ハサミ×2/おたま×2/しゃもぎ/おろし器/30cm土鍋×2/炊飯ジャー10合炊き/フライパン返し/しゃもじ/ケトル1.2L/2口電子プレート/電子レンジ(700w 600w 500w 200w)/トースター/シャンパンクーラー/ナイフ×9/箸×14/おちょこ×13/徳利×4/升×10/栓抜き/30cmプレート×26/12cmお椀×8/17cm小皿×10/20m盛り皿×2/子供用取皿×13/グラス15/計量カップ500ml




    ・BBQコンロ貸出 3,300円(税込)

    ・炭、着火剤 880円(税込)





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